Downhill Ski Training Power Circuit 2

Rip the slopes this winter with our Downhill Ski Workout Videos!

Expand your repertoire of ski exercises with the downhill ski circuit 2 workout.  Workout with Jeff and Patty to learn all new exercises for the legs, chest, core, and cardio!  We incorporate lateral and rotational exercises not shown before, to help you maximize your enjoyment while training and skiing downhill.  Keep your workouts interesting and fun, and all in less than 20 minutes!

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An incredibly thorough and well-created program…VERY impressive!!!! These exercises are awesome for telemark skiing as they address balance, coordination, leg and core conditioning. It’s exciting to find a program as complete as this that doesn’t require a gym membership or lots of equipment.

DR. F. LINCOLN AVERY US Ski Team Physician Since 1987


Required Equipment for this Video


Exercise Mat


Elastic Exercise Bands




Foam Roller