About Us

fitnessIn every fitness video we produce, form and posture are always addressed as paramount to everything else. When you start any resistance based fitness program, it is critical that you don’t reinforce bad movement patterns that you may have “learned” over the years. Whether movement mechanics change because of injuries which haven’t been fully rehabilitated, or sedentary lifestyles, everyone has compensations which negatively affect posture and the ability to move with optimal efficiency.

All of the exercises we teach in our fitness videos are intended to help you improve your posture, your movement patterns, and your performance, while reducing your risk of injury.

See for yourself why doctors, physical therapists, personal trainers, massage therapists and chiropractors all recommend our videos to their patients and clientele.

Invest in yourself. Improve how you move.

JEFF ECKHOUSE is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine with a degree in Exercise Science. He is a certified personal trainer, senior populations specialist, and emergency medical technician. He owns Mobile Fitness Personal Training studio in Portland, ME and is a fitness consultant.